Pursuit of Excellence

Quality & Integrity

Clough Enercore operates under Clough's ASN ZS ISO-9001 certified Management System. Clough's Management System contains the policies, standards, processes and tools to ensure we execute our work in consistent and systematic way.

Standardized and systematic
work execution
A scalable and fit-for-purpose
Management System that
controls deviations and locks
in lessons learnt

Focus on continuous

Mandatory Code of Conduct
This system provides the knowledge base that controls individual deviations, locks in lessons learnt and allows Clough Enercore to continuously improve our execution performance. The system is supported by a strong governance program and Code of Conduct, which prescribes standards of honesty, integrity, fairness and equity in all aspects of working for Clough Enercore.

Training and compliance with Clough's Management System and the Code of Conduct is mandatory for every Clough Enercore employee.